2 more hero stories to share with you. Any others out there?  Click the word “And” in the title and you can leave your own.  You can sign it or be anonymous.

I am working now on a story called “And Justice for All” about how even before the Patriot Act and enemy combatants, it was STILL hard then for people to get justice from the criminal justice system.   Should be ready Monday.


p.s.  My email box JUST got set up today, so if you sent me any EMAIL before that I am afraid the server ate it.  Found out that I can’t access anything on LiveJournal from school, but I can read Powers&Morrison stuff, so that’s the best place to contact me after Aug 15.

My Hero is
2006-08-05 10:32 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
My Hero is dead, but my 1st Cousin Ed was a great guy that gave all he had for people. He died during the police academy, which he didn’t have to go through having been a policeman before, but he refused to not go. He went out of his way to do good for the ones needing a voice and help. He was my hero.

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2006-08-05 10:44 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Actually, I suppose a hero could be somebody who does things that you look up to. Such as my auntie Phyllis. She had a brain tumor and a messed up hip so she couldn’t walk AND she was blind. And then SHAZAM. She moved to a nursing home, caught the most sought after guy at the home (which made the rest of the women stop talking to her xD), lived really happily right next to him for a while, and kept up with
what she did all the way up until she died ’cause she was all looped up from the drugs and fell down. She was quite a person.

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