August 2006

  1. If it is 104 degrees outside, that means that half the classrooms are also above 100 degrees and the other half are around 60 degrees. 
  2. The school bus is about 200 degrees, and I only ride in the morning.
  3. It is absolutely impossible to get to a locker at lunch time, manage the lock, get through the lunch line and then ACTUALLY EAT in the time allowed.
  4. Classroom 210 south is nowhere near classroom 210.  It is in a different building entirely.  Who numbers these places???
  5. Most of my friends are in different classes entirely and there’s no time (yet) to meet most of the new people.

  6. They are giving homework ALREADY!!!!!
  7. I miss SUMMER already!!!!!
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1 day ago
Dress codes at school and at work (Entry Link)

they weren’t too strict when I was at school today.

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2 days ago
Dress codes at school and at work (Entry Link)

dress codes
Daniel Solis:
Luckily my school doesn’t have uniforms, but they are very strict. There are no warnings and if you get caught wearing something you’re not supposed to wear you get ticketed and then you have to change your shirt or something. A kid should also be able to express themselves in any way they want. For example a prep gets to express themselves in hollister clothes, so why shouldn’t a goth be allowed to. Also hair seems to be a big issue. No big hair because it’s “distracting.” How distracting can it be? not too much for most people.

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So …. Freckles goes back to school this week.

New subjects, same friends, and the same dress code.

As I look through my closet to see which tops are OK, which ones need a 2nd shirt on top, which shorts and skirts are long enough, I find myself thinking about dress codes.  I understand why the schools want to keep gang attire out and why they want us to dress in a way that we don’t distract each other, but then I look at the outside world.  Do you know that people who work for the US Congress can dress in shirts that would be banned at my school?  Really!  ABC News is reporting it at:

3Cbr />
Chech that out!  Check out the tears and the spaghetti straps.  Now either the standards at my school are way off or the standards of Congress are!

Different schools and districts seem to have different ideas of what is acceptible and what is not.  Some only outlaw skimpy clothes.  Others ban gang attire, and still others seem to have no rhyme or reason that I can see.  No hoodies or cargo pants in a Tennessee district.  Check out what the AP reports about Texas schools: 

– The Arlington school district has expanded its dress codes to include mouths – and earlobes.

Students may no longer wear mouth jewelry known as “grills” – shiny teeth caps – or the earlobe-stretching practice known as “gauging.”

“The district is having to respond to fads because they’ve become distracters or a safety hazard for those around them,” said Malcolm Turner, the district’s executive director of student services.

The nearby Irving, Grand Prair
ie and DeSoto districts also ban grills, and some also address gauging – the process of placing increasingly large items in the ears to stretch the lobes.

But students said the body modification is simply self-expression.

“Really, a grill is just like an earring. It’s fashion,” said junior Devonte Wright, 16.

But school officials said they hoped to teach students that life would require them to follow specific regulations in specific settings.

“We want to instill in them a sense of modesty and a sense of community,” said school board trustee Gloria Pena. “We’re preparing them for the work force, and in the work force there are rules.” 

If you want to spend your ENTIRE morning crosschecking your outfit with the most comprehensive list of dress code rules I could find, click here.  Other schools are very simple — they sell or give you a uniform and you wear it.

What are the rules where you study or work? So …. do you dress for success?  Do you show skin in the hopes of getting a better job?  Do you dress for you?  For your friends?  For your boss?  For the person you want to attract?  Do we even know any more what kinds of clothes are appropriate for different places?  Are there even different types?

Click on DRESS CODES in the title if you’d like to comment.


Today I want you to consider how people in the United States can be denied justice.  As we all know, the Patriot Act takes away many of our constitutional protections.  But even a court-appointed lawyer is no guarantee of constitutional ‘due process’ when a person is arrested under the regular
US laws.  

Consider the case of Kirstin Lobato, a teenager who wasn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time, BUT NOT EVEN THERE AT ALL! Did you ever get accused of something that you didn’t do? Did you argue your case to your parents and teachers?  Did you ever get punished for something that is not your fault?  That is THE WORST. 

Now imagine that you are 18 and have had some problems with drugs and some family problems.  Imagine that some guy tried to rape you and you fought back.  Now imagine that the police are at your door a month or two later, after you confided to your teacher about the attack, and they’re asking you questions.  You cooperate, right?  Of course.   You think they are taking your statement about the attack, right?  Well not in
Las Vegas in 2001.
Read the story below, and if you want to help out, I’ll give you a link at the end of this post.Here is a summary of the case from an article published in 2004, but if you click on the link at the bottom you can read a lot more about the case:

Las Vegas Police and Prosecutors Frame Woman 170 Miles From Murder Scene – Kirstin Lobato’s “Very Peculiar Story”

 By Hans Sherrer

Edited by Natalie Smith-Parra,

JD EditorJustice: Denied magazine, Issue 26, Fall 2004, pp 5, 19-23  

Nineteen year-old Kirstin Lobato was convicted in May 2002 of murdering a homeless
Las Vegas man who was beaten, stabbed and sexually mutilated on July 8, 2001. She was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in prison. Yet multiple witnesses confirm that on the day of the man’s death Kirstin was in Panaca, Nevada, 170 miles from
Las Vegas. Her presence in Panaca is consistent with crime scene evidence that positively excludes her from having anything to do with his death, and that there is no evidence she had ever met the man. In a masterful frame-up that may be marveled at for decades as a text book case of how the three branches of the legal system interact to ensure a wrongful conviction, prosecutors worked hand-in-glove with the police to orchestrate, in the courtroom of an overtly compliant judge, the conviction of a plainly innocent young woman.
Click for the  full article

When we say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, one of the things we are saying we have is a nation with liberty and justice for all.  What about justice for Kirstin?  If you’d like to learn more or find out how to help, click here: JUSTICE 4 Kirstin


Well, the story about justice denied is on hold for now, so instead let’s talk about making a difference.

We under-18’s can’t vote yet, but you older teens and adults can.  So why don’t you?  People DIED for the right to vote.  WOMEN & BLACKS fought for years and years for the right.  Felons still don’t have that right, but lots of you do.  So ….  why don’t more of you vote?

Only 18% of voters in Michigan voted yesterday in the primary.  Kansas City was around 14%. Some Alabama counties had only 10% of eligible voters voting yesterday.  Connecticut had one of the highest turnouts in the country, but does that mean that the rest of America doesn’t really care about their primaries?

Do you think that this low turnout is because people don’t care?  Or because they don’t trust the voting machines?  Or because they think it doesn’t really matter who they choose.

I make this commitment.

I will vote in every election I am eligible for after I turn 18 and I will stay informed so I know who I want to vote for.  Can you say the same?


2 more hero stories to share with you. Any others out there?  Click the word “And” in the title and you can leave your own.  You can sign it or be anonymous.

I am working now on a story called “And Justice for All” about how even before the Patriot Act and enemy combatants, it was STILL hard then for people to get justice from the criminal justice system.   Should be ready Monday.


p.s.  My email box JUST got set up today, so if you sent me any EMAIL before that I am afraid the server ate it.  Found out that I can’t access anything on LiveJournal from school, but I can read Powers&Morrison stuff, so that’s the best place to contact me after Aug 15.

My Hero is
2006-08-05 10:32 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
My Hero is dead, but my 1st Cousin Ed was a great guy that gave all he had for people. He died during the police academy, which he didn’t have to go through having been a policeman before, but he refused to not go. He went out of his way to do good for the ones needing a voice and help. He was my hero.

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2006-08-05 10:44 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
Actually, I suppose a hero could be somebody who does things that you look up to. Such as my auntie Phyllis. She had a brain tumor and a messed up hip so she couldn’t walk AND she was blind. And then SHAZAM. She moved to a nursing home, caught the most sought after guy at the home (which made the rest of the women stop talking to her xD), lived really happily right next to him for a while, and kept up with
what she did all the way up until she died ’cause she was all looped up from the drugs and fell down. She was quite a person.

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Hi y’all

So far only two people have written in to tell us about their heroes, and they are below my post.  Anyone else have a hero??

I have only one hero in my life and all the friends who know me knew EXACTLY who I was going to choose.  So ….. for the rest of you who don’t know me that well just yet ……..

My hero is my brother Andy who became my guardian when he was still in his teens, right after my mom went to prison.  Andy has given up a whole lot to become the best mom or dad of anyone anywhere!  He makes mistakes like all people do, but then he tries to correct them and I know he works really hard at everything he does.

Andy is a corporal and even though he has not fought in any wars (THANK GOD!) he is still a hero to all the soldiers that ride in a truck, tank or helicopter that he fixed, armored or prepared for the desert.

I am a teenager and he could leave me to raise myself if he didn’t want to be bothered, but he doesn’t do that.
  He teaches and guides me and gives me rules to be safe and gives me a clean and wonderful apartment to grow up in (that I have to clean most of the time, but oh well).   He spends time with me and goes running with me and comes to all of my school events.

Andy could just put in his time at the base but he doesn’t.  He does his job the absolute best that he can and he cares about ALL the troops over there in Iraq.  He will get on the internet at night to help a mechanic friend over there and will make sure that the troops that leave his base have the very best equipment and vehicles they can possibly send.

Andy is my hero and a little bit Americas hero too.


(Click on the words MY HERO at the top of the post if you want to comment.)


2006-08-05 04:12 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
a hero can be anyone you want them to be.
jay leno is my hero.
and for a lot people even paris hilton can be their hero.
war heroes are just doing their jobs.
sadly a lot of these young people died in a false war.

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Re: heroes
2006-08-05 04:57 pm (local) (link) DeleteFreezeScreen
War heroes are risking their lives for their jobs. There’s a difference there, honey.

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