Some people gamble on the internet.  Othe people watch porn.  Lots of people send emails or surf the net.  I spend a lot of time doing IM and writing a political blog for teenagers.  So I have heard that you can get anything on the internet.  I do not know if that is true, but I can tell you I did get something surprising and unheard of on the internet this week —- two grandmas!

I was in a political chat room and people were talking about grandmas and grandchildren.  I typed in that I never had a grandma, and instantly had two offers!  Now, when I probed a little further about whether they would keep my photo in their wallets or send me birthday cards, I got a yes, so I signed on!  Now a good friend of mine is concerned that maybe these are creepy men who just want pictures of teenage girls, but I know it is for real.

So, click the word ANYTHING in the title and tell us the strangest thing you have ever learned, done, received or acquired on the internet.  Disclaimer: I won’t post the ones that are illegal or too sexy.


comment #1: 

I found this girl online who just so happened to be the daughter of my dad’s college girlfriend. Now I go to visit her every year.

That was WEIRD.