It seems that no matter what question you ask Agnes Kincaid, her answer involves the word family. I called to interview her about the radio program she produces with her husband: Head-On with Bob Kincaid on weekdays from 7-10pm ET. But I learned more about her four kids, her pets (including new kittens), and her father-in-law than I did about her job in radio. Some may say that might be because Agnes has only been in the radio business for about a year, but the truth is she brings her love of family into everything she does. Her kids are all involved with the show, and it’s a good thing because their radio studio is inside their house and Agnes works on the show about 17 hours a day. She is the producer and spends a lot of time on technical and computer stuff, schedules interviews, plans and plays all the music, and takes phone calls during the show. Agnes is also a private duty nurse, but her only patients today are her kittens and Bob’s father who became very sick in July.


Agnes has been working since she became emancepated from her parents at age 16. She grew up in Huntington, WV but she and Bob moved to a rural area to raise their kids in a small town. She then worked as a nurse in a jail and as an administrative assistant. They now live in the middle of the bible belt in an area that is very republican and conservative. They even have had Christians come to their house to convert them.

Bob and Agnes are both partners in Head On radio yet they don’t get paychecks for the show. Neither do the other hosts or the computer people. Bob and Agnes don’t even take donations, but some people do if they need to buy new radio or computer equipment. Bob and Agnes want the network and the shows to be centered on the listeners. She can often be found in the Head On Radio chat room where she reminds all that family is who you choose, and not necessarily the one you are born into.

Agnes Kincaid: Producer, Head On Radio Network

The program is: Head-on with Bob Kincaid

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