We teenagers sometimes flirt with adults, but we don’t want them to flirt back. We don’t want anyone to ask us about our underwear and we don’t want to tell anyone if we masturbate or how often. We want to trust the adults in our lives to let us be kids and not sex objects. We want to explore our bodies with ourselves or with another teen that we love, or maybe we want to wait. We don’t want adults pushing us into anything and we don’t want the icky feeling in our bellies that comes from an adult making us feel uncomfortable about our bodies or our sexuality.

We want to trust our parents and guardians and teachers and coaches. We need all of y’all to help us grow up. Please give us straight answers if we ask questions about sex, but please don’t make us part of your sexuality. That’s not what we are about.

One more thing. A lot of us like listening to political talk shows and don’t want to hear all the details of this all the time for days and days. It’s great to hear about how this congressman changed his story or that one is lying, but PLEASE, no more about Foley asking those boys to measure their penises. YUCK!

When can we go back to talking about electronic voting and Iraq and Iran and North Korea’s bombs?