Why is it so hard for liberals to talk about religion?

In the political chat rooms where I hang out, most of the people seem to HATE religion and hate anyone that follows a religion. Where is our tolerance?

I listen to Air America Radio a lot, and more to Head On Radio, where the hosts and the chatters make fun of people who believe in “the invisible”.

The only show on Air America where it is OK to have faith in God or to practice any religion is State of Belief, and it is only on for one hour a week.

I think that a lot of the fundamentalists have it wrong when they judge gays or women that had an abortion, but I think liberals get it wrong too when they judge anyone with a religion as being fooled or misguided. Faith is important and it is way older than than the republican party or the megachurches or Pat Robertson.

Maybe it is time to stop judging at all?