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  1. Philip Racuel |

I will be listening for you! See you are a radio star!
Oct 21, 8:16 AM —

  1. ShelaghC
  2. Just heard you with Rev. Gaddy.I’m not a teen – haven’t been for quite some time – but it’s heartening to know that those who can’t vote yet are keeping an eye on what’s happing in the country!Well done!Oct 22, 4:27 PM —
  3. Craig Vickstrom
    Dear Freckles,
  4. Just heard you on State of Belief, and looked at your ‘blog. I hear you.
    This is a topic which I have also confronted. I’m a devout Christian (by the Roman rite, Lutheran sect) and a professional scientist/engineer. I personally see no conflict between the two, but many people do. Politically, I’m a civil libertarian.Many of my friends who are not religious look down on my beliefs. Their contempt can be difficult to bear. I have discussed this with them at length. I have come to the conculsion that liberal/progressive people have contempt for our beliefs due to the fact that religious people have allowed the worst of us to become our spokesmen. We have been lazy. When you say “Christian” in America, the image is one of a bigoted, hate-filled, war-like, greedy, unmerciful person. This is in direct opposition to all that Christ advocated. The irony is that the Pharisees and Sadducees have taken over Protestant Christianity in America, and we have let them become our public relations officers. Wonderful, huh?What’s the solution? I don’t know, God help me. I try to do what I can, but it’s not much against Jerry Falwell and the fundies.


    Craig Vickstrom

    Oct 29, 12:14 PM —

6:46:11 am
Congressional districts AFTER the supreme court made them re-draw everything            


  1. squawkboxnoise What you seem not understand is that districts are drawn up according to population. Thus the weird looking maps.If you were to look at district maps San Antonio southward you would see even “stranger” boundaries because the population is not as dense in those areas.I am not implying that gerrymandering does not occur, but the supposition that these boundaries were created specifically for the now absent Tom Delay is erroneous. Further more when these boundaries were drawn a NEW primarily Democratic District was created. This occurred because of population density.

    I would encourage you to look up and compare maps created by Democrats when they owned the House in Texas and you would see many similarities of boundaries drawn to protect seats and maintain party alignment in certain districts.

    The bald truth is that the party that controls the house when redistricting occurs “writes the rules”.

    Oct 27, 8:23 AM

  2. squawkboxnoise BTW yes other states look like this.(sorry for the extra comment)Oct 27, 8:24 AM