I know a baby who was born the same day that hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and Mississippi. He can already walk and say about 20 words and wave bye-bye and climb a few steps. His mom is already pregnant with another baby. He pours things out of a bag and then puts them all back. But the US government and the insurance companies still can’t manage to get help to the people of Louisiana and Mississippi who lost their homes, their jobs, their relatives and their way of life.


There are many organizations that ARE helping these people, using the money that you and I send them without going through the government and the contractors. Here’s one that I strongly recommend: Jackson County Community Services Coalition. I am 15 and earn money by babysitting during school vacations and by doing odd jobs during the school year. If I can afford to send $20, chances are that you can too.

Let’s please help get our fellow Americans to get their lives back together.

Here are some other links you may want to check out.

Please do give money to Jackson County Community Services Coalition .

Freckles Cassle