January 2007

Have you ever heard anything this crazy? One middle school has lousy scores so they’re closing it and sending the kids to schools that are just as bad! What a crock! Why not HELP the school and the kids. How do they expect everyone to pass the test when half the kids don’t speak English yet????

Webb WildcatOh, also look at how many of the kids are low income and how many are not white. Think they’d do this at a school where all the kids are white?

Webb Middle School parents react to closure proposal

Most of more than 200 people at meeting scorn proposal.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

More than 200 people packed a cafeteria at Webb Middle School on Thursday,
most of them to condemn a proposal to close the campus in May because
of students’ poor performance on state standardized tests.

“This school doesn’t even have enough textbooks to send home with the children so they can study,” said Melissa Mullins, parent of a sixth-grader. “They need more assistance, not less.”

Austin Superintendent Pat Forgione said he wants the school board to order the
campus, just west of Interstate 35 off St. Johns Avenue, closed before the state does.

The school has received the state’s lowest rating for three years, and if the students fail to meet passing standards in any area on the state achievement test this spring, the state could require closing or alternative management.

School board members, many of whom were in attendance Thursday, are expected to vote on Forgione’s proposal next month.

“We must think this through and do what’s best for our children,” Forgione
said, adding that Webb’s faculty and campus advisory council support his recommendation.

Almost one-third of Webb’s 663 students come from families that constantly move into and out of the area, which can reverse test gains. Nine of 10 Webb students are from low-income families. About half don’t understand English.

Nearly 40 percent of Webb’s teachers declined to return to the campus last year, one of
the highest teacher turnover rates among Austin middle schools.


I am not a big football fan. But my brother is and so we watch a lot of football. Just now, on FOX, they had a story about how New Orleans still isn’t recovered from Katrina and the flooding. nfl fox logo

They mentioned the 9th ward and showed damaged houses and talked to victims who haven’t been able to re-build. Of course there wasn’t any mention of what happened to all the money George W promised them, but at least it was on the air.


If Jackson County Mississippi had a really good football team, you’d hear a lot about the people there that are still in trailers instead of real housing. Since they don’t, click here to read and help, and click here if you are in Texas and can help us collect furniture and appliances.


Good blogs regarding re-building and poltics in New Orleans:



Pix of the damage in Mississippi

Our LA & MS pix of the continued damage

trailer camps in the 9th ward
Tent City in New Orleans 9th ward

I don’t know for sure, but I think that all the contributors to this blog are all teens. I know for sure that two of them are. It’s a really cool site even though it is so professional that I feel I write like a 10-yr-old. Anyway, here’s BLUE STATE OBSERVER.



OK, y’all. I am NOT posting this every day.  This is where I get my lists.  Click and you can check your OWN school!

— Freckles


Update: It is ALL CLOSED AGAIN tomorrow. One more day off from school !



Check out all the stuff that’s closed tomorrow. EVERYTHING!!! They ought to just tell us what’s OPEN during the ice storms!


Tuesday: School Cancellations, Closings & Delays

  • ACE Academy
  • Acorn Learning Academy in Round Rock
  • Austin ISD
  • A+ Learning Center in Elgin
  • Austin CAN Academy
  • Austin Community College
  • Austin East Side Story Afterschool Program
  • Austin Graduate School of Theology
  • Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • Bartlett ISD opening at 10 a.m.
  • Bastrop ISD
  • Beaver Brooks Children’s Center
  • Bluebonnet Montessori School of Lakeway
  • Brentwood Christian School
  • Brushy Creek Community Center opens at 5 a.m. All morning classes and programs are cancelled.
  • Burnet CISD
  • Busy Bee Learning Center
  • Capital City Kids Daycare
  • Calvary Episcopal Christian School
  • Concordia Academy High School
  • Concordia University
  • Coupland ISD
  • Covenant Presbyterian Preschool
  • Del Valle ISD (more…)

Ice Storms
by Cassie, Elyse & Hazel*

* Hazel is NOT her real name, but she doesn’t use even her first name on the internet, so we’re calling her Hazel! Hint: only 2 of the letters match her real first name.



Think they will be able to keep WalMart out?

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