I am not a big football fan. But my brother is and so we watch a lot of football. Just now, on FOX, they had a story about how New Orleans still isn’t recovered from Katrina and the flooding. nfl fox logo

They mentioned the 9th ward and showed damaged houses and talked to victims who haven’t been able to re-build. Of course there wasn’t any mention of what happened to all the money George W promised them, but at least it was on the air.


If Jackson County Mississippi had a really good football team, you’d hear a lot about the people there that are still in trailers instead of real housing. Since they don’t, click here to read and help, and click here if you are in Texas and can help us collect furniture and appliances.


Good blogs regarding re-building and poltics in New Orleans:



Pix of the damage in Mississippi

Our LA & MS pix of the continued damage

trailer camps in the 9th ward
Tent City in New Orleans 9th ward