I LOVE political cartoons!

Alberto Gonzales is digging his own grave in this one.


And this one seems to be asking if the American people (or at least the ones on TV) are outraged at the right things.


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Leave Iraq cartoon

Here’s one from Robert Arail about the department of transportation but it could just as easily be about the whole government these days.

DOT cartoon

This is yesterday’s political cartoon from Ben Sargent. I like it a lot because a new war czar will no more do Bush’s job of commander in chief than he will do the boy’s job of taking out the trash or finishing homework.

No homework czar

You can find many more cartoons by Ben Sargent daily in the Austin American Statesman.

This last one is just plain offensive. Henry Payne seems to have not noticed that (A) House Speaker Pelosi cleared her trip with the White House and (B) many republican congressmen met with the Syrian president as well, at the same time and the following week. Also, Bin Ladin??? Huh??? If he is in Syria, what are we doing in Iraq and Afghanistan? And, lastly, the bed is offensive.

offensive cartoon about Pelosi