Mission AccomplishedDear Members of the House of Representatives,

According to CNN, President Bush vetoed your war spending bill today. If he does not want to accept the money with many months to plan for withdrawal, I suggest that you should consider not sending him a new bill at all, especially since he ignored you when you and the generals about not having a troop surge.

The Pentagon has the money it needs to fund everyone for a few months, and then they can start figuring out what to do next. It is more than four years since the war started and exactly four years since Bush declared “mission accomplished”. If he has not yet started thinking about how to end the occupation, maybe he needs to start thinking about it now.

Please have courage and know that the American people are behind you.


Freckles Cassandra


Cinnamonape offered this advice for the Congress to tell Bush.


“You want the money but don’t want timetables? You are going to ILLEGALLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY threaten already mandated programs approved by Congress? Here’s what we will offer:

1) Every two months you will get a spending authorization. It will be pay-as-you-go. No more hiding this in a deficit.

2) The war costs will be paid for by a special tax charged against…not retirees, not children and mothers that need hospitalization, not veterans, not the poorest and weakest, not the middle class, not students who need educations.

The taxes to pay for this war will come from those that are profitting from it…THE OIL COMPANIES making absurd profits, the war profiteers who manufacture the weapons and machinery of combat, the wealthiest five percent.

They will pay for this war, and we will insure that they will pay until ALL the costs of this war are paid back!”