coal plant Oil and coal are important industries in Texas, so it makes some sense that the state legislature wants to protect them, but global warming is real and it is happening very fast and we need to do more to counteract it. Changing 10 lightbulbs in my small apartment is a help but there needs to be a change at the level of industry, public financed infrastructure, energy planning, and and big corporations. So why is Texas going the other way? As reported on the front page of today’s Austin-American Statesman, Global warming measures on hold.

The lawmakers in Texas are concerned about the owners of power plants, who contribute to their campaigns but they are not serving the needs of Texans or the planet. According to the article

A United Nations report released Friday says
policymakers around the globe should take stronger steps to address
climate change. In Texas, however, lawmakers have largely shrugged off
the issue.

The state of Texas is not serious enough about this issue and the lawmakers don’t seem to realize that there can be a lot of economic growth for the state in alternative energy, such as wind and solar power. Some laws about that have been proposoed this session,

But most proposals at the Capitol explicitly
addressing climate change have languished in committees. Committee
heads say they don’t believe human activity affects climate change and
say they don’t want to put the state at a competitive disadvantage
before the federal government acts.”

Given the fact below and the huge number of coal power plants in Texas, it is time for environmentalists everywhere, and anyone who cares about the future of our planet, to help change the policies in Texas.

U.N. scientists estimate that the biggest
increases in carbon dioxide emissions could come in electrical
generation and urged policymakers to shift away from coal-fired power
plants to natural gas, nuclear and renewable sources.

Texas Campaign for the Environment and Environment Texas may be good places to start.