United States Marines (heads bowed)

My brother is active military, so I am usually very quick to defend soldiers and marines, especially when I think that it’s their commanders that are giving them mis-information and possibly illegal orders. But stories like this one just get me angry and make me ashamed of the military and of the country. No matter what the marines felt, the behavior here has no excuse.

From the TimesOnline in the UK: “A US Marine yesterday told a court investigating an alleged massacre in the Iraqi town of Haditha that he watched a superior officer shoot and kill five civilians as they held their hands up in an attempt to surrender.

If the marine sergeant was telling the truth (after being given immunity) then an officer in his unit shot these civilians while they were trying to surrender! He will not be prosecuted even though “
Sergeant Sanick Dela Cruz … admitted lying about events in Haditha in November 2005, and said that he urinated on the head of one of the 24 Iraqi civilians killed by
his unit.” Is there a penalty for peeing on the head of a civilian that your unit kills?

According to Sgt. Dela Cruz, “Staff Sergeant Frank Wuterich shot five Iraqis who
were trying to surrender and then told his men to lie about the killings.

Can we please end this STUPID war now and start the process of bringing honor back to our military?