The Republicans who are into “family values” are also against single parent households. I was raised by my mom alone for 6 years and then raised by my brother alone after that, so I know that there can be problems. Single parents need a lot of support if they are going to have healthy families.

    Military families become single parent families during deployments, and there is a huge additional stress of fearing that someone will die in battle or by friendly fire, or that they will be wounded. So it shouldn’t be a big surprise that a recent study published in USA Today found that “Sending soldiers to war puts their children left at home at higher risk of abuse and neglect.

    According to the article, the kids being abused the most (or reported the most) were under 4 years old, and the “Abuser was usually the parent who remained at home while a spouse was deployed.”

What the article didn’t mention is what the military is doing about it for the kids who are already being abused, but they mention at least one program for the war-created single parents married to soldiers and marines.

At Texas’ Fort Hood, home to about 70,000 military family members, the post is now working with the Military Child Education Coalition to improve community involvement with military families, Boyce said. “The U.S. Army, like many American communities, takes a solid teamwork approach to assisting families who have a soldier deployed,” he said.

Let’s end the war, get the troops home, and get them and their families all the counseling they need to have a healthy family life. If so many have PTSD, they AND their families will need a lot of help.