prisoners at Gitmo

Well it seems that perhaps people in the White House are talking about the closing Guantánamo Bay Prison & Concentration Camp for enemy combatants and anyone else the administration wants to torture and keep away from US courts, the rights of prisoners of war, the rights of people arrested in the United States, or any rights at all. (Until the enemy combatants are cleared of all charges and then sent back to their country to think wonderful things about the United States.)  Many have been there since we invaded Afghanistan in 2001.

CBS Reports the story complete with the White House spin reaction:

The Bush administration is nearing a decision to close the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, detention facility and move terror suspects from there to military prisons on U.S. soil, The Associated Press has learned.

But White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said in a statement today that no decisions on Gitmo are imminent.

“The President has long expressed a desire to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and to do so in a responsible way,” said Johndroe.

“A number of steps need to take place before that can happen such as setting up military commissions and the repatriation to their home countries of detainees who have been cleared for released.”

On his program tonight (Listen here!), Keith Olbermann’s take was that this would more than likely result in more detention centers — smaller and less public ones that might not have the rest of the world hating us. OK. That makes sense. So then why is it that “The President has long expressed a desire to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility and to do so in a responsible way”? You don’t think it’s possible that the White house spokesman was just saying that, do you?

TRex of Firedoglake had this to say:

There’s no telling how accurate or inaccurate this report may be, but according to the AP, we may be a little closer to ending one of our nation’s darkest and most disgraceful chapters. Contrary to Mitt Romney and others’ desire to “Double Guantanamo”, the Bush Administration seems to be realizing that its unlawful detention of foreign nationals at the base in Guantanamo Bay is on very, very thin ice, legally, and is apparently taking measures to actually shut down America’s most famous concentration camp and transfer the inmates to American prisons, where they would face trial.

Well, goddamn, wouldn’t that be novel? Actual trials? On American soil? Shut. Up.

 He ends with this

Goodbye, Guantanamo. May you, your architects, advocates, and enablers enjoy a long, miserable season in hell for what you have done.

 I hope he is right and I agree with him, but I hope that Gitmo isn’t replaced by something even worse that we don’t hear about for another 10 years.