Thanks to Shai Sachs for this great write-up:

Political Teen Tidbits, written by frecklescassie (aka Snarkcassandra on FireDogLake) is “a liberal blog written by a teen with input from teens”. The content spans from silly (a photoshopped graphic of Bush with a pentagram on his forehead, a list of anti-Bush bumper stickers) to serious (commentary on news of a new research project in wind power), with a decided emphasis on national issues (Guantanamo Bay, corporate crime, money in elections, etc.) Frecklescassie appears to be doing more than just commenting on news stories: she’s also empowering other teens, regularly posting about issues affecting teens, and encouraging other teens to interact with her site via Facebook. This kind of teen activism is what makes me optimistic for our future.

Shai and others, please also check out YOUTHinkLEFT, the blog where I collaborate with 9 other teens.

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