Do they REALLY think I am going to want to believe in their God and their bible if they jam creationism down my throat instead of real science?

But what about the teenagers who don’t know anything about real science? What happens to them when they get to college?

Trouble In Texas: School Board Chairman Seeks Religion In Science Class


The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) on Tuesday revealed a side of “intelligent design” proponents rarely seen by the public at large. The group released a transcript and recording of an extraordinarily candid speech given in 2005 by recently named State Board of Education Chairman Ron McLeroy.

McLeroy told a gathering at Grace Bible Church in Bryan, Texas,
of his efforts to expunge evolution from the state’s high school
biology textbooks. “Back in November 2003, we finished [the] …adoption process for the biology textbooks in Texas…. I want to tell you all the arguments made by all the intelligent-design
group, all the creationist intelligent design people, I can guarantee the other side heard exactly nothing,” he said.

He went on, condemning other Christian board members for not following his lead.

“[T]he four really conservative, orthodox Christians on the board were the only ones who were willing to stand up to the textbooks and say they don’t present the weaknesses of evolution,” he said. “Amazing.”

He admonished the audience not to bicker over the finer points of creationism because they were united under a “big tent” against evolution.

“Whether you’re a progressive creationist, recent creationist, young-Earth, old-Earth, it’s all in the tent of intelligent design,” McLeroy said. “And intelligent design here at Grace Bible Church
is actually a smaller tent than you would have in the intelligent
design movement as a whole, because we are all Biblical literalists…. So because it’s a bigger tent, just don’t waste our time arguing with each other about…all of the side issues.”

“Modern science today,” McLeroy complained, “is totally based on naturalism,” thus “it is the naturalistic base that is [our] target.”