Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

When I was in 8th grade, my language arts teacher focused a lot on our writing styles and wanted us to always have in mind who the audience was. She taught us that writing a letter to the editor called for different vocabulary and style than a letter to a friend. Even my first or second grade teachers taught about about school words and playground words.  When I was very little, my mom told me there were certain words that were only bathroom words. (So of course I stood in the bathroom and screamed them as loud as I could.  What can I say? I was two!)

George Bush is not a two year old, and has completed the second grade and even the eighth grade.  And college.  And MBA school. But he has not yet learned which words and expressions are appropriate in private and with friends, and which ones are appropriate to use when speaking with the prime minister of a country he is visiting. Mr. Bush, would you like Ms. Livingston’s phone number? I bet she could teach you to be aware of your audience.

Things are going well in Iraq, according to President George W. Bush.

Upon his arrival in Sydney Wednesday, Deputy Australian Prime Minister Mark Vaile “inquired politely” about his stopover in the war-torn country.

We’re kicking ass,” Bush said.

The remark was overheard by a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald and caught by an Australian blog.

According to the paper, Bush arrived in Australia in a “chipper mood.”


“Apart from his introductory remarks, Howard never spoke during the press conference,” the paper added. “It was the George W. Bush show.”

The Herald asserted that Howard’s staunch position backing the Iraq war “is growing.”

“He implied that those who argued against the war in the first place had no role in the current debate,” the article said.



Freckles is back to school and hoping to get back to real blogging when the homework settles down. In the mean time, political cartoons.


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