Looks like the whole bunch of them are being morons sometimes, doesn’t it? Who wants to win? Who isn’t an idiot?  Look at these stories:

Giuliani to ignore first three primaries

h/t Josh Marshall

Pleading the Fifth

Rudy Giuliani got the memo about the importance of early primary states. He’s just choosing to ignore it.

While Iowa and New Hampshire are crucial states for most Republican candidates, Rudy Giuliani thinks of them more as a nuisance. Giuliani’s campaign told reporters today that they think Giuliani can lose the first three contests in the cycle and still win the nomination. They essentially conceded defeat in Iowa and New Hampshire to Mitt Romney, who has double-digit leads in the polls and has poured millions into radio and television advertising.

What’s Rudy’s plan again???

Lotta Cuts

from TPM Josh Marshall by Josh Marshall

Okay, we’re starting to get some good tips to help us flesh out Rudy’s new promise that he’ll replace only 50% of federal workers slated to retire over the next decade.

TPM Reader JR points us to this article in Government Executive magazine that notes that …

The government faces a potential wave of exits over the next decade as about 60 percent of federal workers overall and 90 percent of senior executives become eligible for retirement.

Now, I’ve never been much of a math wiz. But half of 60% is I think 30%. So Rudy seems to be saying he’ll cut the federal workforce by about 1/3, which sounds like it would likely have some pretty serious consequences.

Meanwhile, another recent study says that over the next two years alone the federal government plans to hire 193,000 new workers for “mission-critical” jobs. And about 1/3 of those are in “security, protection, compliance and enforcement.”

The study also notes that most of those new hires are for the Department of Homeland Security for stuff like customs enforcement, border security and immigration enforcement. Presumably he’s willing to gut those enforcement responsibilities.

Clinton camp accuses Edwards of acting like Bush

CNN – 54 minutes ago
DES MOINES, Iowa (CNN) — In a sign of the increasingly bitter feud between the leading Democratic presidential contenders, Sen. Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday accused John Edwards of acting like President Bush and dividing Democrats.

Clinton and the Press

Michael Crowley’s examination of the Clinton campaign’s press strategy is one of those must-read type pieces. The short version is the Clinton campaign has been beating the shit out of the media and tightly controlling the flow of information, and it seems to be working. Pieces like this always unnerve me, though. As plausible as it is, you can imagine the very same article being written, with different adjectives, in the aftermath of a Hillary Clinton loss. “Her campaign’s fearsome press operation slowly enraged reporters, subtly coloring their coverage of the tight-lipped candidate…”