According to CNN, the man who took hostages at Hillary Clinton did so because of his “inability to get mental health treatment.” People in his town say that this has been a problem for a long time.

This country does not do enough for people with mental illness. There are not enough clinics, not enough hospitals, and too much stigma. Even in jail, there’s not enough help for people with mental health problems.

I hope that the government sees this as a reason to have more mental health care in clinics and elsewhere. But more likely they will use it as an excuse to just throw more mentally ill people in jail and not offer them any help at all.

Arrest ends standoff at Clinton campaign office

A man complaining about his inability to get mental health treatment held hostages for more than five hours Friday inside Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign office in Rochester, N.H., before surrendering to police. Police identified the man as Leeland Eisenberg. Five hostages were released unharmed. full story