I am currently in a college program for HS juniors and seniors interested in US History and the Constitution.  It is a very different program from anything I’ve ever done before, but is completely worth it.  Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  1. I am learning a lot. (More on that in future posts.

  2. The students here are very smart and interesting, and they’re all interested in learning.  No one acts bored if you give an answer that’s more than three words.

  3. The professor is teh awesome!

  4. This is giving me great experience for when I really do go to college.

  5. There is a TON of food in the dining room and no one cares if you take seconds.


  1. The shower in the dorm has no privacy. Ick!

  2. I miss my family.

  3. My brain might explode from all the reading.

  4. I miss my Texas friends.