1. Keep you purse zipped and buttoned and under your arm the whole time.  Guys need to have their wallet in their front pocket in case a pickpocket comes behind them.
  2. Don’t talk to your friends while you’re walking or you will run into stuff. Or people. Or both.
  3. No flip flops.  This place is hard enough in tennies.
  4. Bring at least ten friends on the subway because when you lean and fall you want to land on people you know and not strangers.
  5. Bring a LOT of money.  Like way more than you think you need.  A LOT of money.
  6. And bring ear plugs.
  7. They sell pizza one slice at a time but a slice is huge.  A whole pizza is called a pie.
  8. Don’t smile and say “Morning” when you pass people on the street cause they will think you are totally weird.

Sorry there is no picture. I am on a bus writing on a friend’s phone and I don’t know how to send the picture but I promise to put up a bunch tomorrow.