Here are three stories involving kids and the authorities, and my opinions about all three.

When I was 14, I got into serious trouble (at home) for sending a photo of myself in a bathing suit to a good friend, and sending pics of myself fully dressed to man I knew only from the internet. I should have been in trouble. I should have gotten internet restrictions and I should have been taught why it could be a serious problem. But I am very glad I was not arrested like these kids.

Pornotots: Teens Charged With Pornography For Sharing Photos Of Themselves

300px-several_mobile_phonesProsecutors have discovered another hotbed of child pornographers: Greensburg Salem High School. Prosecutors have charged teenagers with child pornography for sharing nude and seminude pictures of themselves over cell phones. The girls are 14 or 15 and the boys are 16 or 17. Pornographers all.

Capt. George Seranko of the Greensburg Pa. Police Department explains that “It was a self portrait taken of a juvenile female taking pictures of her body, nude.” Teachers seized the cell phone and instead of just calling parents, they apparently called police as well. Additional pictures were found. The lesson, Seranko notes, is “Taking nude pictures of yourself, nothing good can come out of it.” Ok, but where to the criminal charges come into the lesson plan? It appears that turning them into felons is the way that the good people of Greensburg educate their children.

This is a national problem of teens sending semi-nude and nude pictures to friends. Should all of these children be moved into the criminal justice system?

The girls are charged with manufacturing, disseminating or possessing child pornography while the boys face charges of possession. It seems like there is a need for adult supervision at the Greensburg police and prosecution offices.

The next story is of a case that IS a problem, a case where the father should never have custody or visitation of his daughter:

Quick (depressing) hit: California man sells daughter

From the Associated Press:

Police have arrested a Greenfield man for allegedly arranging to sell his 14-year-old daughter into marriage in exchange for $16,000, 100 cases of beer and several cases of meat.Police said they only learned of the deal after the 36-year-old man went to them to get his daughter back because payment wasn’t made as promised. The man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of human trafficking.

What was that again about feminism being unnecessary? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

And in the final case, WHY do we know about this? Whatever problems this family had should be confidential. Stop telling us!

Baby Hitler removed from home

Holy cow.

Three-year old Adolf Hitler Campbell, whose family’s attempt to get him a birthday cake made him an instant object of sympathy (his parents, not so much), was taken from his parents by NJ authorities. According to Lehigh Valley Live, “New Jersey’s Division of Youth and Family Services took the 3-year-old, as well as JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, 1,and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell, who turns 1 in April” from their home. It’s unclear why the children were taken, but Holland Township police Chief David Van Gilson “said his department received no reports of abuse or negligence.” Parents Heath and Deborah Campbell are expected to attend a hearing today.

I don’t know why, but I’m actually having an ounce of apprehension about these kids being removed. Don’t get me wrong, I think anyone who names their kid Adolf Hitler is clinically insane. But there are lots of bad parents out there, and nobody ever removes their kids (though in some cases, they probably should). I’m not going to be shedding a tear for Baby Hitler’s parents, but still, I’m curious if you guys think the kids should be taken from the parents? And under what theory? (H/t AMERICAblog reader Leo.

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