Last year I wrote a hateful, whiny, anti-mother screech for mother’s day.  But this year I am older and wiser and a little bit less angry, so I am going to try again.

Mother’s Day is important even if you don’t have a mom around.  Maybe it’s even more important and here’s why.

If we are lucky in our lives, a lot of people love us, and some of us in mothering ways.  If we’re smart, we let them.  And if we’re really smart, we thank them.  Our own original moms may have had a choice whether or not to become a mother, especially in the 50 years since the pill came out, but they didn’t choose to mother us specifically unless we’re adopted.  But many of us get mothering love from people who chose us and who love us even when we’re not perfect.

So now I want to thank all of the real life and internet moms and aunts who love me even though they don’t have to.  Thanks to my brother, who was my first substitute mom, and thanks to Hazel’s mom, Agnes, Uncle Dave, Aunt Betsy, Auntie Sue, Mrs. B, Bob, all of the Beach House moms & aunts, and Grandma K.  One day I will be a great mom because of all of you.