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I am in high school, very political, and very opinionated. I live in Texas with my older brother, who is in the military. I want to hear what other teens say, and help bring the voices of kids to the adults that log in.

I get good grades, play basketball, spend hours online, hang out with friends, and love inline skating. I love to read, but like surfing the net even better, so I haven’t read a book for fun since Christmas break. I also like animated GIF’s, in case you can’t tell. 🙂

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68 Responses to “About FrecklesCassie”

  1. neal Says:

    hey, just heard you on mike malloy you ROCK, grrl!

    i’m old enough to be yer granpa, but damn! your energy is what we are ALL lookin for!

    keep up the good work. i’m a fan!

    -neal in long beach ca

  2. parapolitics Says:

    Hi honey, just got done watching V for Vendetta and filled with some hope , turned on Mike Malloy and heard you and your words. I totally have even more hope now. Feeling SOOOOOO happy I bursted out with , Darn, the children really are our future and I’m ok with that. I’m korny. If your ever up early, and this goes for everbody, listen to my show at 7am on monday mornings. Streaming at
    I’m a liberal queer with a touch of Libertarianism
    Overall Just looking for truth.

  3. Jeff Morris Says:

    I first heard you when you called Mike Malloy the first time, and was as utterly floored as he was. Note that I’m an old geezer who has a 16-year-old daughter myself. She’s certainly more politically aware than most others her age (and has been to several demonstrations with me, I’m proud to say) but nowhere near as outspoken and self-confident as you. Clearly you have had to be self sufficient for a long time, and you are incredibly mature for your age as a result. I heard you again on Mike’s show tonight and went right to your blog when you gave the address. Just want you to know I think you are great, and wish you continued good luck with your efforts. You make me proud to be an American — which is a tough thing to say nowadays.

  4. Knox Says:

    Good Job Cassie
    I heard you on Malloy and I am so impressed. I also heard you the first time you were on last year. I am happy for you and your brother. I am military myself and am about to retire. Just wanted to say I feel the same way about you as Mike does.
    Keep up the good work You have a very bright future ahead.

  5. John Allred Says:

    I’m in the adult category- checking in after hearing you (repeatedly) on the Mike Malloy show.

    You give me hope for the future of this country (and world). If only the people in charge had minds somewhere near as inquisitive, cogent, and intellectually sound as your young mind.

    I hope you are representative of a large cross section of our youth. I suspect, though, that you are a rarity.

  6. Dale Pickard Says:

    I disagree with Daniel. I heard you on Mike Malloy. I’m a 54 year old professional who’s with Mike.

    I say, go girl go!!

  7. Jay Foster Says:

    Cassie, I heard you on Mike Malloy tonight, so I’m writing to ask you to read this story I’m trying to get published so that you can help me get a buzz going about it. It’s set in the context of a teacher discussing with his adult students all the evidence that the Bush administration is as corrupt as they are incompetent. I took the liberty of writing in comedians and our favorite political commentators to play the students, so it’s very funny despite how infuriating it is. ….and every day since I wrote the first draft Bush keeps making it more relevant than the day before. I’ve had Bush supporters change their minds about him and had a WWII vet say, “You made me feel guilty for not paying attention to Clark in 04!”

    As “The Fighting Dem” just wrote to me today about it: “You have cleverly used the Liberal entertainers to drive home and teach the horrendous lesson that the policies of the Bush Administration have not only failed us time and time again, but have caused damage to the U.S. that will be hard to repair. I think that this is an absolute tribute to Wes, and that you are indeed, a TRUE fan of Wes Clark.
    Thank you for sending this to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

    Hopefully this poem of mine will further pique your curiosity so you’ll read it sooner than later:

    If Jesus Were Alive Today

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d surely feel despair,
    Amidst a world of plenty,
    And a bounty that’s not shared.

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He wouldn’t understand,
    The system of oppression,
    And how so few give a damn.

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d certainly be distraught,
    Because the animals of Earth,
    Are not treated like they ought.

    If Jesus were alive today,
    His eyes would have some tears,
    And based on all the evidence,
    I’d say he was sincere.

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d have to jump and shout,
    To wake us from our slumber:

    If Jesus were alive today,
    You know he’d try in vain,
    To save us from each other…
    (No doubt he’d go insane.)

    If Jesus were alive today,
    I expect we’d be rebuked;
    It is likely he’d remark:
    “Knock it off before I puke.”

    If Jesus were alive today,
    No way he’d vote for Bush;
    To those who say he should,
    He’d say,”Kiss my tush!”

    If Jesus were alive today,
    With Bushites he’d be pissed:
    “Ignorance is no defence!
    Otherwise, get yourself a psychiatrist.”

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d put John Kerry in his place,
    As the world’s lamest candidate:
    “Why’d they even let that Jackass race?!”

    If Jesus were alive today,
    Boy, would Congress get a smack,
    For practically everything they’ve done,
    Especially for trusting Jr. with Iraq.

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d say the media was to blame:
    “Don’t think I haven’t noticed,
    That you people have no shame.”

    If Jesus were alive today,
    The Democrats he would scorn,
    For keeping out Wes Clark:
    “Was it yesterday these fools were born?!”

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d be branded as a cynic,
    Because no one wants to hear,
    If it’s raining at their picnic.

    If Jesus were alive today,
    He’d force us all to see,
    That hope and love are the answer,
    To who we’re supposed to be.

  8. Jay Foster Says:

    I forgot to mention that the story is at which goes to the file at my geocities page. If it doesn’t come up it’s only because too many are going at the same time, so jus try again later.


    And what it means to me,

    Are circles and souls,

    In a round about way,

    Beginnings and ends without any close.

  9. saskialouise Says:

    Hey, it’s good so see ‘the other US-American opinion’…there’s plenty for us to do, each within their area of access, all the best for your part!

    Berlin (Germany)

  10. Daisy Says:

    You stopped by my blog today, and I wanted to say hi, and let you know that my co-blogger, Emily, and I, are both under 20, too. We should join forces. Cheers to our generation!

  11. kickstand Says:

    Hey Cassie – Hey fellow P&M contributer. Found another site you might want to get your stuff published on. Check out

  12. Yuri Says:

    You’re an inspiration! I have children of your age, and am trying to raise them to be as interested in and savvy about public affairs as you. You set a praiseworthy example and give me hope. Thank you!

    Yuri (in Canada)

  13. Hello, Freckles. Thanks for visiting my site the other day. Feel free to come back and throw in your two cents anytime.

  14. Radine! Says:

    Hello Freckles and fans of!
    Thank you for your thoughtful posts and for giving us “old people” some hope for the future.
    I have heard Cassie many on as well as “other” talk shows, as well as reading her blog and think her point of view should be posted among the bloggers at Huffington Post.
    So, let’s start an email drive.
    Please forward “snips” and links to or send as a Newstip to

    Power to the People!

  15. Franya Says:

    Hi Freckles/Cassie!
    it was great to meet you at headon tonight, and ELO sent me your website so I could reconnect. My computer froze right at the end of our chat and I could not retrieve my msn ID or do anything but shut it all down, then you were gone when I signed back in.
    I just wanted to check in here – you can email me anytime and I also have Skype, which has both IM and voice, and is free ( -I’ll send you my skype ID via email in case you decide to use it.
    Very impressive webpage, A+!

  16. Chris Says:

    Found you in the comments at tonight. You rock! I am happy to be another Central Texas who is so happy to find like minded young folks making a big difference!
    Hooray for Feckless Cassie!

  17. Hi, my name is Asher Heimermann – I am also a political teenager that has a blog.

    Asher Heimermann

  18. keptblue Says:

    awesome awesome ish.

    if you like jungle glitch-hop music, check my podcast!

  19. Roger Smith Says:

    I hope you check this. Mike anounced tonight that Fri is “kid night”. I plan on listening and hope that you have been able to keep up with him on his switch to NOVA after AAR really screwed up and let him go. If you don’t remember I am the Math teacher (retired) that posted a comment abt NCLB and testing.

    Keep up the great work

  20. neilaquino Says:

    Hello. You left a comment on my blog once and I meant to add you to my blogroll. I am not a teen though I was one once. Someday you’ll be in the same boat. Please view my blog again if your time allows. Like you, I am doing my best in an often difficult world. Thank you.

  21. nytexan Says:

    Congratulations. I just wanted you to know that Freckles Cassie was one of the 5 blogs that we gave the “Thinking Blogger Award” to.

    A well deserving blog.

    NyTexan and BossKitty

  22. Congrats and big cyper hugs ((((((((((frecklescassie!))))))))))


  23. Leah Says:

    Hey! I love your blog and I came across something you might find interesting! This myspace page has tons of presidential smileys that people are posting on their myspace pages to show support for their candidate of choice! Very cool and it seems this is the wave of the political future!
    Check it out

  24. dt Says:

    I am impressed with your website!! I am a teacher and by looking at what you have done on this you are AWESOME!!

  25. nytexan Says:

    I have a favor to ask you. Can you change your blogroll link for my blog to

    I recently moved off of and would appreciate the correction.


  26. william Says:

    Hey, I’m 17, and do a lot of activism in Austin. I am probably going to go to San Fransico to help Cindy Sheehan on her campaign, what do you think of her? I would love to get in contact with you. I also have a Youtube acount so send me a message! I’m going to go read your blog some more. See you around.

  27. Sean Parker Says:

    You are doing awesome stuff. Can you please submit a journal entry at TeenActivist.Org that describes your blog? It won’t take you more than a few minutes.

    Whether or not you decide to contribute to TeenActivist.Org, thanks for doing what you’re doing!

    Rock on,
    Sean 🙂

  28. You have a great site and blog! Very proud to see such a politically active teen. Please feel free to check out LA (the largest independent newspaper in the USA for teens, by teens)

  29. Hey, about YOUTHinkLeft, please e-mail me at – I have a question for you about it.


  30. W. Ludwick Says:

    Having read your liberal blog, I am convinced you should change your web name to “FECKLESS CASSIE”. It would better fit!

  31. bibomedia Says:


  32. wendy beal Says:

    This is a link to my son’s ordeal with our juvenile justice system here in Michigan. I think your site is way cool. Just added you to my favorites.You can post it on your site if you want to.

  33. America isn’t working the way it should. Home foreclosures are on the rise…families are surviving without health care…people are being forced to decide between gasoline and groceries…men and women are working harder for lower wages…we are on the brink of economic peril.

    Inspired by Steve Skvara’s heart-wrenching story, the AFL-CIO is sponsoring an on-line video competition to encourage people from across the country to answer “What’s wrong with America, what changes would you like to see and how do we turn it around?”

    Now is the time to get the cameras rolling, creativity flowing and tell us what you think! From now until May 20, speak up and create a short video that addresses how we should turn around America. The winner will receive $2000 and their video will be part of a national television spot.

    Visit Turn Around America TODAY at

  34. Preston Says:

    Hi Cassie,
    I heard you speaking with Peter on “Strictly Confidential Radio.” Congratulations on the Cornell summer program. Ithaca has a lot of cool things going on.
    Thanks for sharing that story about your brother and other troops who play violent video games. They also seem to have easy access to an endless stream of “action/adventure” movies with similar narratives.
    I used to mail progressive media material to US troops via groups like After a year or so, my access to soldier addresses was halted by some right-wing officers who complained about the magazines and documentaries I was sending. But, it was fun while it lasted. I actually thought I’d get busted much sooner than I did.

    I heard you say that you have an interest in Constitutional law. I just read an interview with Constance Rice who is a leading progressive lawyer and advocate in that field. She is a founding member of the Advancement Project which is committed to making public sector institutions – such as schools, transit, and law enforcement – equitable for low-income people.
    Good luck with your studies.

    Kind Regards,

  35. ATR Says:

    Advanced Technology Research



    The above headline may seem quite shocking to you – given that the media, many politicians, many (but not all) scientists and others, continue every day to repeat the false claim that the planet is warming.

    You might also try to dismiss the following as simply a conspiratorial fabrication by some conspiracy nut. But the following information about planetary weather and our world are all based upon FACTS and factual material only. That is because Advanced Technology Research, ATR, accepts NO grant funding monies of any kind and therefore is able to present FACTS and comment upon societal, technological and environmental issues without the pressures that those who do take such funding are under, to present only “information” that forwards the special interests of those who fund their “research”.

    The basic facts regarding long-term weather conditions on Earth which have never been refuted or proven incorrect, but which have been suppressed, were captured in calculations by Serbian civil engineer Milutin Milanković in the 1920’s. He discovered that the Earth has both a tilt, a wobble and a varying ellipticity in its long-term orbit around the sun, resulting in 100,000 years of ice age conditions, with much shorter periods of warmer weather, of the type that anyone reading this report and their recent generations of family members were born into. These are known as inter-glacials, or periods between ice ages. These inter-glacials last for about 11,000 years. After and preceding every inter-glacial is the return of another 100,000 year ice age.

    The best estimates available indicate that we now nearing the end of the current interglacial. We are in the last part of its 11,000 years, and that means that Earth is already heading back towards ice-age conditions once again. This DOES NOT mean that tomorrow, or next week, or even next year or in the next ten years, that you will wake up to a mile-thick glacier in your front yard. Such an expectation would simply be ridiculous, but those that are trying to prevent the factual information — that the planet is NOT warming over the long term — from getting out, often forward such scenarios, in a feeble attempt to discredit those who present these facts.


    ATR presents this information, with NO other motive than that which arises from an honest caring for the majority of those that are inhabitants of this planet. ATR does not care if the facts prove global warming or global cooling. What we truly care about is that any information on what is happening with our weather now, and on what is most likely to be happening in the future, is presented FREE from vested interests meddling with the scientists providing that information.

    Sadly that IS NOT the case with many of our scientists at present. Even one of the strongest proponents of the myth of “global warming” told a close personal friend of one of our researchers that he knew that “global warming” was false – but that he knew where his grant funding money was coming from, and thus that he had better keep promoting what he knew to be a myth, so he would keep the money flowing to him! This is not the behavior of a true scientist, but that of a paid mouth, merely pretending to be a credible scientist, in the opinion of ATR.

    How The Public Has Been Fooled:

    There is a method that has been used to confuse and fool the public into thinking that the myth of “global warming” is reality. It is quite confusing when nearly every media source has jumped onto the “global warming” band wagon and is daily, in news reports and often in un-related reports – gratuitously pushing the idea that Earth is warming and that mankind is the reason for this “reported increase in temperature”. The way that the public has been fooled into thinking that higher land temperatures equal a warming world overall is as follows:

    If we agree, for the moment and for the sake of the following scenario, that the earth is currently receiving less sunlight because of the Milankovich orbital geometry effects, then we will understand that, as a result, there will be less evaporation of ocean and lake waters, resulting in less cloud cover and less rainfall. The consequences of less rainfall to cool the land, and less cloud cover to shade it from the sun, would then bring on higher land temperatures.

    Well, that certainly makes it look like the planet is warming. We have higher land temperatures. But what is happening out in the ocean surface waters, where less sunlight is reaching those waters due to the Milankovich effects? Well, interestingly enough, those who monitor global temperature trends have moved their monitoring stations, from a more even ocean / land distribution, to a situation where land monitoring stations are the main places from which these “scientists” are getting their temperature data. And cities – “urban heat islands” — generate their own heat, thus stacking the deck even further in this biased promotion of “global warming”.


    Here is a fact that is irrefutable: overall, Earth cannot have both warming and drought at the same time. That is because if the planet is warmer, higher rates of surface water evaporation result – more, not less, moisture would then be evaporated and available for drought allaying precipitation. But we presently suffer severe drought and even expanding desertification in many areas of the world. This fact speaks
    loudly that the sunlight reaching the planet is diminishing, which results in less evaporation of surface waters, in drought/desertification, and in a cooling world – not a warming one.

    One then might ask, given the preceding argument, what is the individual to do?
    — laugh in the face of environmentalists, and keep driving cars and trucks any way we please, not caring about poor gas mileage vehicles? Certainly that is NOT the answer. Much of what comes out of the tailpipes of cars, and out of factory chimneys, has been cleaned up, but those pollutants are still not safe for mankind, or for animal and plant life, to live in and to breath in, especially in high concentrations when viewed in a fresh air/polluted air mix.

    The first steps are to continue to recycle, to drive our vehicles rationally, and to demand that the products we buy are made in factories that are as clean and as un-polluting of our world as possible. Never forget that the “vote” of your dollar, in your role as a consumer, speaks with a very loud voice, in that you can shape the types of products that are produced, as well as the way they are produced — ALL as a function of what and where you buy.

    Naturally the following would be a personal choice, but ATR suggests that one should NEVER purchase eggs that are not from cage free chickens since ATR does not think it proper to support a farm that forces chickens to sit in a cage for their entire lives, pumping out eggs. ATR feels that such is animal abuse, and we will not support that type of egg production. In this way, through certain, concerted buying/boycotting strategies, consumers can support those farms that do operate with cage free chickens. Because one often buys such staple items regularly – “voting” for such products with your dollar will make it more likely that such products will continue to be available to you as a consumer. As a result, those farms that don’t operate with cage free chickens will then lose out on sales – until they change their egg producing methods. This is but one example of the power you can wield as a consumer!

    Next, if you care about the future of this world and about what we will leave to our children and their children — or, if you believe in re-incarnation — that you will be born again into another, later life in this world — you might ask yourself the question: “What will be the condition of the world for my future family members, and, perhaps, for me, personally, as well [again, if you believe in re-incarnation]?


    So that would make a case for demanding of your elected officials — from local city governments all the way up to the President of the United States — that the question of what our planet’s weather is really doing be revisited. Only this time completely free of vested interests intervention, pressure and lobbying.

    Now I am well aware that this is a very tall request – because I am going to detail what our research over the past many years has shown to be the reason that the myth of “global warming” has been pushed in the media, by many of our elected officials, in our schools, and in society at large. And we as a collective group of people that care about each other and the survival of ALL people in this world are up against some of the most diabolical, suppressive, and evil intentioned individuals that people of good will have ever faced.

    Who is Behind the Promotion of the Myth of “Global Warming”?

    ATR, some years ago, obtained a de-classified CIA report about planetary weather that was authored in the mid 70’s. The report covered how the planet would again be host to ice ages. It even surmised that the United States might be hard put to fend off the multitudes that, because of adverse weather conditions as the planet headed back — towards cooler, drier, and then eventually ice age, conditions — could not grow sufficient crops to feed their populations. And because the report stated that the U.S. would be one of the last areas on Earth that could still sustain anything approaching large crop yields, that the U.S. might find itself in such an unpleasant [but powerful, the CIA pointed out] situation of trying to decide who would receive food supplies and who would not.

    Then at about the end of the 70’s — with a new power source, fusion power , making strides, slowly but steadily — the tone changed suddenly to the promotion of the myth of “global warming”.

    First, let me explain exactly what fusion power is, and is not. It is NOT atomic fission – which is the type of power we have in our current nuclear reactors and submarines. “Fission” is based upon “fissioning” – breaking apart – heavier atoms like Uranium or Plutonium, releasing energy from the atomic nucleus in the process. Nuclear fission is a dangerous form of energy with equally dangerous waste products which have to be continually guarded against falling into the wrong (e.g., terrorist) hands, which have to be packaged, shipped, stored, and secured for hundreds of years, all so that no animal life ever comes in contact with it, and, again, so that terrorists never get their hands on it in order to make a dirty bomb.

    Fusion is the exact opposite of “fission”. Fusion IS the act of “fusing” lighter atoms like Hydrogen together. In that fusion process, energy is released from the atomic nucleus.

    Some versions of fusion release this energy without releasing any heavy particle radiation. Fusion power reactions “run” mainly on Hydrogen, which is the most abundant element on our planet, and in the universe as a whole. The problem with using fusion power at this time is that our scientists have not yet been able to induce and maintain the high temperatures & pressures – the high energy densities — that a sustained fusion power generation process requires and thus no practical power source has come from fusion…yet.

    The tragic aspect of all of this in the view of ATR is that many factors that practically guaranteed fusions failure were enacted at this time. Funding to fusion projects was slashed with the intention to prevent further advances. The U.S. educational systems were grossly under funded, with the intention to insure that the very bright minds that we should be fostering in our schools, that could come up with future technological advances we need, including fusion, would never rise to that achievement. When you couple this with the dramatic rise in the number of students being pumped full of worthless – and, worse, dangerous and cognition-damaging — psychiatric drugs, based on equally trumped-up, false claims as the myth of “global warming”, such as made-up maladies like “hyperactivity” and others, one can see plainly the final coffin nail that was intended to be driven in, all to prevent advances in our technology that we sorely and obviously need; technology that would benefit the many but pose a real problem for the hyper-wealthy few, who have other plans.

    Their Plans:

    From everything ATR has been able to compile regarding the false information used to construct the myth of “global warming”, and regarding the motives that could be operating in that tiny ruling stratum of ultra-powerful monied people, a scenario as to why “global warming” has been pushed so hard has emerged.

    The oil companies and the international banks are covertly run by a very select, few families. They stand to reap enormous amounts of additional revenue – and social power — via two main campaigns. One campaign is to keep the world addicted to oil as the primary source of energy on this planet. The other campaign is to make sure that as many countries as possible get into debt to the international banking establishment, so that a further tightening of power and control for these families is achieved, even as yet greater monetary wealth is generated from the interest that their banks charge on loans taken out by national leaders and governments, ostensively in order to build up and develop their countries. That is the state of the world today – especially for the developing countries in Africa and South America — though this state of affairs is not limited to those two continents. The main fear of these families is that something like fusion power would be developed because the result – though good for the bulk of humankind as a whole — would severely curtail their influence and power.


    If a workable fusion reactor was developed and sold to, say an emerging African country. That country would, in a short time, have the ability to become independent of these ruling families’ oil companies and banks. Because a fusion reactor can run on hydrogen, the country could begin to draw from ocean water to fuel the fusion reactor, thus providing both a virtually endless supply of low cost, pollution-free, clean energy and de-salinated water, both needed to expand agriculture, feed their people, and support industrialization. This country could then say “no thanks” to oil imports, (there goes the profit from oil) and pay off their old bank loans (there goes the interest on the loans that these families’ banks would have otherwise gotten in perpetuity) and there would be a country free of the control by these families.

    The false claim of “global warming” is a veiled attack on such technologies, on such economic development, toward such independence, and on such raising of human living standards. But only in advancing such technology will we be able to save ourselves from our own shortsightedness in the pollution we have inflicted upon this planet, and thus also upon ourselves, thus far, and be able to rise to the present and coming challenges of feeding and housing ourselves decently, especially in a world turning back towards cooler conditions, and heading towards the post-interglacial ice-age resumption. ATR wishes to remind you that NOTHING man has ever done to the rest of Earth’s natural systems compares with the damage and destruction which
    mile-thick glaciers scraping across the land have done and will do to those systems. Going back towards some sort of simple lifestyle will not solve our environmental problems. As stated before, neither will being irresponsible by just continuing along in the same way we have been, just because there seems to be plenty of oil to burn, not to mention plenty of other natural resources to squander.

    But ATR is not a prophet of doom and gloom. There are steps that can be taken to avert the ruling families planned catastrophes, and we firmly believe in the capability American spirit to overcome their evil plans. The spirit that, in founding America, beat the Nation that was the greatest super-power of all time up to that time, England; the group of individuals who, in founding America, created the most important (non-religious) document of all time so far – the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and The Bill of Rights; the country that defeated one of the worst threats to freedom the world had ever yet seen, up to that time – the Nazi régime, funded and founded by the same families that now “own” the “Global Warming” myth-mill — and one of the only countries on Earth that still has in place a document that reminds us that we have these rights as a living person which no government has the right take away or deny.


    What Can Be Done?

    There are constructive steps against this calamity that any person can take, whether young or old, regardless of race or creed, and no matter what educational level they have achieved. ATR encourages everyone that reads this special report to carve out some personal time from what may have become a very busy, stressful life, as we all strive to survive in a world with madmen in control of energy, finances, and the political machinery — in this country, and to a great extent, in the entire world.

    Never forget that individuals can make a difference via actions “large” and “small”! Rosa Parkes, the lady who refused to give up her seat on a bus in the South, simply because of her complexion, set off a process that changed our world with that “small” decision. The Founding Fathers put their lives on the line, for ideals and freedoms that they held to be so important that they were willing to pay the ultimate price for them. Thomas Edison changed the world with an idea. On and on goes the list of people who decided to take a stand, and so changed the world by their actions.

    YOU have the power to do that as well. How well or poorly the world, this county, this state, and this city turn out, depends on what you choose, or fail to choose, to do to make it decent and livable. It is up to us, it’s on our shoulders, and by our decisions and our actions, whether this country — and, to a large degree, whether the world – continues to support freedom for the individual or not.

    What You Can Do:

    • Write to your elected officials from the local level to the President and demand that a re-evaluation be done regarding planetary climate trends by scientists free from influence by special interests [Good luck! “Money talks”!] ; a re-evaluation based on facts only [who decides “fact” from “fiction”? What is “fact” versus what is “fiction” will typically be a matter of controversy, even among scientists holding to differing hypotheses; only scientific experiment can decide among these differing hypotheses, and, even then, the interpretation of the experimental results can be a matter of controversy for some length of time]. The results must be triple checked to prevent any manipulation of the findings. (What we have been given regarding the myth of “global warming” has been manipulated, and is based upon deliberate distortions of factual information).

    • Do not vote for any tax increases and only support candidates that agree NOT to raise taxes. Currently the U.S. Government spends billions of tax dollars on psychiatry which is used to dope our citizens with worthless and, worse,


    damaging, drugs. Demand of your elected officials that they de-fund psychiatry and that they call for an immediate investigation into psychiatry and the flawed methods psychiatrists employ – which are also not based on facts. This sort of investigation would uncover a sexual-abuse scandal (psychiatrists having sex with their patients) which has been covered up and which is much, much, much larger in scope than the current media hype surrounding the religious – sex scandals.

    • Never submit your child, or any other family member, to psychiatric drugging, and if any family member is ever doped-up with those drugs – take them immediately to a non-psychiatrist nutritionist, to supervise weaning them off of these worthless and, worse, damaging, drugs. We need your children, all children, able to read, learn new information and be the ones that come up with new ideas and technology to solve our environmental and societal problems.

    • Get involved with the Parents Teacher Association (PTA) and demand that they fire ANY psychologists or psychiatrists employed by the schools that are promoting drugging school children. Students are now being set up for “mental health screenings” which are nothing more than an attempt to get even more on these worthless and, worse, damaging, drugs all based on the never-proven theory that some children have biochemical deficiencies in their brains.

    • Write letters challenging newspapers that forward the myth of “global warming” to provide facts from scientists NOT being funded by foundations, owned by the ruling families we mentioned, which seek to allow only the myth of “global warming” to be advanced.

    • Keep reading and listening and questioning – as the answer we have been given by the media, politicians and some scientists regarding the planetary trend of climate is NOT motivated by scientific factual information, but by an ulterior political-power agenda operated by the ruling oil/finance families.
    ~ ~ ~
    Thank you for reading this special report: “Global Warming” is a False Threat Based on False Science.” Remember, how this world turns out and the condition that it is left in for our children and their children and their future offspring depend on what all of us do here and now in supporting rational solutions to our environmental or societal problems which are based on factual information. You can make a difference!

    ATR – Advanced Technology Research
    P.O. Box 503
    Santa Rosa, CA 95402

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  37. Michael Tim Says:

    I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  38. I wanted to borrow a picture of Easter eggs for a high school blog and thru Images on Google landed on your very interesting blog. I would like to add it to my blogroll, because I teach English in La Mancha.

  39. David Says:


    I have recently created a website named There’s nothing fancy on there yet.. But after reading your blog I was hoping to capture your interest in maybe publishing some of you work on there?

    Please get in touch with me! I can be contacted at!

    Thanks! And great job on your blog!

  40. Freddi P Says:

    Well just ran across your site today. I am also a Grandpa and I want to tell you that you made my day.Wish there were more of you.I have watched politics leave public education and move into the church,at least down south. Keep up the excellent work, and remember the words of the great Art Garfunkel ” when I look back at all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all”

  41. Sara Fryd Says:


    Terrific website, may I link you to mine? and if you know any kids under 12 have them send me stories. Thanks Sara

  42. dzn Says:

    Hi, listening to you on You’re proof that we can’t give up on Texas.

  43. GigiMommy Says:

    Dear Cassie,

    I heard you on the Malloy show tonight. I’m sorry about your brother but I’m glad to hear you doing so well in school. It’s funny, my daughter’s name is Cassie and our Labradoodle’s name is Freckles. You should look at Michigan, we’ve great schools here and we would love to meet you. Take care and good luck to you. GG

  44. dzn Says:

    You’d probably like St. Cloud State. Does get cold, but people are real, and you’d be great addition to the school. You sound so bright. Best to you and your Mom. (U of M also great if you like bigger schools.)

  45. bo Says:

    mike malloy for president

  46. Gary Says:

    Congratulations on getting through high school with honors.I’m currently listening to the Mike Malloy show EST.How do I get a emoticon on here?

  47. Tony Says:


    Like most of the other commenters, I came across you via Mike Malloy’s show. I am now 19 years old, I just looked at your site, and your story and your insights give me hope for our future. Keep up the wonderful work!


  48. Yellowbird Says:

    Hi honey.

    I am also so very proud of you. I have been following your story ever since the first call. You have grown up a lot.

    Making sure you have a safe place to live, don’t forget to drop a word to your brother once in a while and let him know even though things aren’t as good as you would like, that you send him your love.

    I was raised in the family from hell too so I know exactly what you’re going through.

    You’ll make it. Put me on your list as a grandma who can help if ever you need in the Pacific NW. Kathy and Mike will vouch for me.

  49. Hello Cassie,

    Listening on Tuesday evening August 25 to KTLK in Los Angeles, I heard about you for the first time. You were talking about college. Someone mentioned you are a National Honors Society student. With good grades, high test scores, and your involvement in community and political affairs, you are Stanford University material.

    While Stanford is a world renown research university, it requires all professors to teach, as well as to publish. Coupled with a residential academic community (most students live on campus and attendance is full time), an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, and small undergraduate classes, you can not find a better undergraduate education for someone like you. On top of that, Stanford admits students need blind and tuition and room and board is FREE for students who’s families have incomes less than $75,000.

    You won’t have to adjust to cold weather in Palo Alto, CA. and student life is vibrant and politically active. Don’t take it from me, I’m just an alum that treasures the education and experiences I got there; do some research on your own!

    It’s too late to apply for the fall quarter. Start college where ever you can, do your homework, and aim high. Michigan is a great public school and so is Berkley. Wherever you go I wish you all the best.

  50. Mike in Brea, CA. Says:

    Hey There:
    Just heard you on the Mike Malloy Show as did thousands I’m sure.
    Your story is one not unlike mine but I’m sure you hear that all the time but in this case it’s true.

    I am the oldest of several children and was the first to go to college and get a degree. Your mother was sent to prison and my mother would just take off and leave us with relatives or a new husband and be gone, without a word, sometimes for years. I took care of my brothers and sisters.

    Just want to add my voice to that of many when I say that you’ve done what few will or would ever do and that is to strive to make something of yourself. I did it and after hearing you I believe that you will too.

    Keep up the good work and continue to move forward. It’s going to get tough but I think you’ll be able to reach your goal in life. In fact, you already have by just making it to the point where you are now.

    I’m going to bookmark your blog page and keep an eye on what’s going on in your world if you don’t mind. Might even put in a word or two from time to time.

    Look to the East for a good college, California is headed down I’m afraid and you need to go the other direction.

    Good luck and I’ll be watching.

  51. birdwings Says:

    Hey Cassie: Just heard you on Mike Malloy. What wonderful energy you have, and what a great down-to-earth attitude you have about life. I’m glad about your education and that you love school. Would love to see you out here on the West Coast. I’m a native San Franciscan and put myself through school at San Francisco State University with a BA and an MA. I highly recommend SFSU for their English and Creative Writing degrees. Here in California you’ll be in a blue state with many liberals who want to see change, and with those who accept “difference”. Take the time and energy to research all of your possibilities, but wherever you decide to go, know that your story has had a profound affect on many, many people who have heard about you through your blog, and radio contacts.

    All of the best!

  52. singingwater Says:

    just heard you on mike malloy. you are a very inspiring young woman. and i’m sure that whatever path you travel on will be a great success for you.

    i grew up in a similar situation, only my mother died from an overdose. i’m glad that you have found some people who can give you that mothering support and feeling.

    sometimes people like us can be very understanding of others and seem to be mature beyond our years. i think al anon and allateen are so helpful. because it can be very hard to ask for help sometimes. you can spend so much energy keeping yourself going, you have to find places to let go.

    obviously you are a very smart young woman. with a lot of potential. i think you are going to need to wind down from the whole texas experience in a place that will be safe and nurturing. college sounds like a good idea- rather than something too high pressure.

    it sounds like you have a good connection with your higher self and guidance. and that you are able to speak and act from that place. just remember that there is plenty of time.

    people will see the potential and wisdom in you, and will try to push you. you have to learn to live with yourself- and all the ups and downs of feelings. look around- there will always be many of us who will reach out and help you.

    blessings to you sister.

    let it keep unfolding. gently. and be kindly to yourself.

  53. ManneeMuch Says:

    Great Blog, I heard about you on Mike Malloy!

  54. logdog Says:

    Cassie, I’m just listening to you warp it up with Mike Malloy this evening. Hearing you reminded me that I have a “Cassie,” too. I met my Cassie when she was 13. She was assisting at a seminar that my son, Jesse 14, and my daughter, Rebecca 12, were doing. I was assisting as well and I was attracted by her maturity. I found that Cassie live about 400 miles away and wasn’t sure that we would see one another again. Well, that was 15 years ago. I found out that Cassie’s mom had died of breast cancer when she was 7 and her dad bipolar and manic depressive and had spent time in mental hospitals. I became her surrogate dad and was always in contact with Cas. My children have both done well, Jesse is now an engineer and Becca is an attorney. I’m close to my kids, but there is a very special relationship with Cassie. She has gone on to get her BA in Art/Photography and a MBA in Green and Sustainable Business. I have watched Cassie grow up to be an amazing woman. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see her succeed. I couldn’t love her more if she was my own daughter. We still talk, write and visit one another any chance we get. She has just returned from traveling in Peru for two weeks. I got a call just before she left asking if I would like to work with here on a land development project where we could build some beautiful, handcrafted log homes together. I had no idea 15 years ago that a possible future business partner was standing in front of me; a freckle faced little ball of fire named Cassie.

    I don’t know where your life will lead, but I can tell you that there is a very big, wonderful world out there waiting for you. You are wise beyond your years. Keep playing for all you’re worth. If nothing else, you can know that there is one more person out here who knows what you’re up to and is pulling for you to win.

    Take care, Mark!

  55. It’s good to hear from you on the Mike Malloy show Cassie! Take care!

  56. Carson Stidom Says:

    Cassie, I heard you on Mike Malloy’s show last night, 8/25/09, you take the old saying about making lemonade from lemons to a new level. I admire your grit and wish you much success and happiness in the years to come, you certainly deserve some.

  57. Andrew K Says:

    I’m with Mike on this one… You’re on yer way to a very fruitful life girl. I too like many others heard you on Malloys’ program years back, and found myself infuriated with your situation (possibly losing a family member to deployment in that god forsaken war, a chemical dependent mother, etc.). I am *not* religious per say, but I prayed for your situation… And then like so many of us do (and thankfully DIDN’T..) I forgot. Then, last night it all came back to me. Good on ya for rising above a situation that would have crippled many other less motivated teens. Much love and respect – Andrew K

    PS: I love animation and “moving pictures” as well. And like I say so often, motivation and inspiration are where you find them… Don’t be surprised if you receive some kind of “freckles” art from me 😉

  58. Chereka Says:

    Cassie, I also heard your last conversation with Mike and like he said you just continue to amaze me. I still remember the first phone call you made to Mike, I think with your aunt, and also remember how angry and sad your story made me. . I remember the call you made after you went to I think vigil against the Iraq war and how badly some of these right wing idiots treated you. I cried that night when you told mike that story. But something told me that you were going to be alright. I don’t know what it was – maybe the determination and focus in your voice despite all the hardship and the matured way you handled all these obstacles. But I knew you were going to be fine. And you have proven me right.

    Cassie, you are destined form something big and don’t let anyone stop you. You have already overcome the biggest challenge in your life. Just keep that focus. I hope your mom will use the second chance wisely like you eloquently put it. I have 2 young daughters and I hope some day they grow up to be just like you. You truly are an inspiration. Congratulations on your honor roll and keep up the great work.

    Take care

    MZ from OC California

  59. David Kaiser Says:


    This is a wonderful blog. You are so right: putting people into prison for drugs has to stop; it’s become a national disaster, with many states now spending more on prisons than on colleges. I envy you living in Austin–I spent a few months there off and on in the 90s, researching a book on Vietnam. I hope you’ll look in on my blog, above, which is, in different ways, also very concerned about the future of the country. And I wish I still taught in a college so that I could have more students like yourself. One of my sons, by the way, is the principal of a charter middle school in Brooklyn–at the age of 28.

    Warmly, David Kaiser, Rhode Island

  60. lena Says:

    HI Cassie
    I am not sure if you got my previous message.
    I am a London-based journalist who would love to get in contact with you. Could you email me please.
    Thank you

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