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According to the New York Times, more teenage girls are blogging. The author of the article seems confused or surprised by this since “THE prototypical computer whiz of popular imagination — pasty, geeky, male — has failed to live up to his reputation.” Ack! Whose imagination?

animated pencil smileyThe Times describes many girls who have glittery sites (just like my about page and my valentine’s day post!) but they don’t write much about girls who blog about important things like news and politics.

Vanessa at Feministing wrote about the Times article, criticizing their portrayal of teenage girls. She encourages the Times to look for more content from girls.

huggy kiss teddy bear animatedWell some of us do all of the above! We blog about important things in the national news and we blog about the Dixie Chicks. We analyze politics and conduct interviews and find glittery valentine teddy bears.

If you want to read some good writing from teenage girls AND guys, check out these sites:


Our Descent Into Madness

Peace Takes Courage


Politics, real life, and puppies. Cute fonts even on my site! Live with it NYT!

Happy valentines day!


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There are a bunch of these on my ABOUT page also.

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