TV clipart For the first time since I watched Sesame Street regularly, I watched a PBS show for an hour and a half tonight and it was really wonderful. The show is BUYING THE WAR: and you can click the link to watch it, read the transcript, or comment on it.
According to PBS,

“Buying the War” examines the press coverage in the lead-up to the war as evidence of a paradigm shift in the role of journalists in democracy and asks, four years after the invasion, what’s changed? “More and morethe media become, I think, common carriers of administration statements and critics of the administration,” says THE WASHINGTON POST’s Walter Pincus. “We’ve sort of given up being independent on our own.”

newspapersI watched this while blogging with a group of adults who were also watching, and we all agreed that it was a great explanation of how the press didn’t do its job in questioning the reasons for the Iraq war, the intelligence about the Iraq war, or even the existence of protests against the war.
Knut Wicksell, one of the people I was blogging with said this:

“Bill Moyers is doing a great service to this nation by pointing out (a) that the war was sold by Goebbels-like propaganda, and (b) that the majority of the public were against it until they were subjected to it, and (c) that a large number of us demonstrated against it, but the press refused to cover.

“This war is a moral as well as a strategic catastrophe. We are unable to undo the strategic catastrophe and will simply have to live with the fact, with all its implications, which are many. But the moral ones can be saved just a little by the fact that many of us resisted. And Moyers is testifying to that resistance.”

I agree completely. Please go check out this great TV program.

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