Merry Christmas if that’s your kind of thing to celebrate.  If not, just look at the cute animals that do.

cat in a santa hat

puppy in christmas stocking

humbug cat

puppy reindeer

Nothing political today.  Just really really cute animals.no dogs here

yummy fish


who wins


I saw it first!

kitty stuck in a sandal

A boy selling puppies out of a little red wagon camps out in front of the White House…George Bush, delighted at the boy’s entrepreneurship, strolls out to speak with him. “Say, what kind of puppies are those?” says Bush. “Republican puppies, sir,” says the boy. George Bush, delighted with the boy’s response, hands him a ten-dollar bill.

A week later, the same boy with the same puppies camps out in front of the White House again. Sensing a possible photo opportunity, George Bush approaches the boy again. “What kind of puppies were those again?” asks Bush. “Democratic puppies, sir,” says the boy.

Bush says, “What? Last week you said they were Republican puppies.” “Yes sir,” replies the boy, “but they’ve opened their eyes since then.”

This is not about politics. — I want a puppy!!!!!!

kennel puppy Puppy Ozzy

Back to politics tomorrow.